Gina Macauley

Gina's Yoga journey began in the late 80s as a student and she has been teaching since 2009. Over the years she has practiced a variety of different styles with different teachers and has discovered that there is no one style that best suits her body all the time.

It is this philosophy that she brings to her teaching, giving her students the benefit of her combined influences to discover, through the ancient teachings of Yoga, how best to work with their own body and mind to achieve their lifestyle goals.

Gina leads her students towards the union of the body, mind and spirit, through the breath guiding them to re-connect with their inner, deeper wisdom enabling them to be in harmony with the world around them.

Gina has an Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching through the Academy of Yoga Learning, a Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy through the Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy and is an iRest® Yoga Nidra Level II teacher in training (currently undertaking Certification). She is on the faculty of the Academy of Yoga Learning, and she has also undertaken studies with Indian teachers AG and Indra Mohan.

Gina is a member of Yoga Australia and has served on the Yoga Australia Victorian Committee. She has also spent time in India practicing Yoga with a Tibetan monk. She is continually studying and practicing Yoga and is currently inspired by Leigh Blashki, Paul Wooden and Richard Miller.