"Studying Yoga Therapy with AIYT offered me the 'space' to dive deeply into the Self. I feel strong in the place I find myself and I have a great confidence in my own knowledge and also a sense of enquiry into the many things I don't know".


"To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and breadth of the learnings and the extent of the resources provided. I met a fabulous group of women, including the facilitators, and these contacts have been some of the most helpful ongoing aspects for me. I was already seeing some clients individually and this course allowed me to consolidate my focus and clarify my commitment to this field. Highly recommended even if you are feeling unsure!"


"I loved the holistic approach to also addressing the mental health aspect of total wellbeing and yoga therapy. I was looking for a way to combine my training in Clinical Pilates, Yoga and Osteopathy and decided that yoga therapy would be a great starting point. This course opened up my mind to a whole range of new ways of communicating and connecting with my patients. 

Janet ran this course with incredible grace and shared her wisdom freely. I loved the structure of doing significant pre reading before each weekend to maximise our time together for discussion and reflection."


"The course was wonderful. I loved it. Along with the excellent content and learning, I was part of an extraordinary group of teachers who were and still are supportive and dear friends.

Becoming a yoga therapist was a wonderful addition to my yoga journey. It equiped me to better work with student’s specific issues and goals, and gave me the confidence to share some of the other powerful tools in the yoga toolbox. I particularly love working with mudras and pranayama and and continually surprised by the results."